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OTR Tires

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OTR stands for "Off The Road", and Off The Road Tires are extremely popular in Utah.  The right OTR Tire can change the way any Off Road Vehicle handles.  With our advice and brands at Direct Tire, we promise to create the ultimate Off The Road Machine.  The OTR Tire Brands that Direct Tire carries include: Greenball, BKT, Triangle, and Hercules. 

Greenball is known for superior tires for all types of driving.  Off The Road Tires St George UtahThe OTR Tires available from Greenball create the amazing traction and durability on all road surfaces.  Two different Series are offered as OTR Tires, with different models in each.  The Pac Master Series offers the Compactor model which uses natural rubber to create strength against tear and snag.  The POWER MASTER Series has five different OTR Tire models available.  The models are: E3/L3, F3, G2/L2, L5, and L5 SMOOTH.

The BKT Tyre Company has an OTR Tire called the SR 30.  This tire features an all steel casing and strong steel belt for excellent stability, and high resistance from snag and punctures.  For dumpers, a non directional rigid block pattern is featured for traction.

As the 10th largest tire manufacturer in the world, Triangle Tire has several different types of tires for different vehicles.  The OTR Tires from Triangle, include: Triangle Radial Pattern TB516, Triangle Radial Pattern TB515, and Triangle Radial TM518.  Each tire comes in a variety of sizes, making almost every OTR vehicle capable of wearing Triangle Tires.

Hercules produces one of the best OTR Tires, with the Terra Trac OTR.  THis tire has several sizes, perfect for most OTR vehicles.  Hercules is known for having some of the best Tires on the market, and the Terra Trac OTR is no exception.