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Farm Tires

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Farm Tires need to be dependable and very durable.  Direct Tire carries Farm Tires that will last the ages, and keep the customer satisfied.  The staff at Direct Tire can help select the best Farm Tire for the customers specific needs.  The Farm Tire brands are: BKT, Greenball, Triangle, and Denman.

The latest Farm Tire fFarm Tires St George UTrom BKT is the RT 657.  This tire is the newest to the 65 Series, and has additional working efficiency safety and comfort.  The RT 657 has a bargain price without giving up any of the qualities associated with BKT.

Greenball has three different Series of Farm Tires available.  The three Series are: TRANSMASTER, PAC-MASTER, and POWERMASTER.  The latest TRANSMASTER series tire is the F2.  The latest PAC-MASTER series tire is the COMPACTOR.  The POWERMASTER Series has the DITCH DIGGER, EUROPEAN AG, and the R4.

As one of the ten largest Tire Manufacturers, Triangle is expected to produce a Farm Tire.  Triangle Tire produces two Series of Farm Tires, the ST-112 and the R-1.  The R-1 Series has a wide variety of sizes.  The ST-112 has two sizes, the 18.4-30 and the 18.4-34.

Denman Tire Corporation has a goal to be the Tire Brand that America Runs on.  Denman has five different series of Farm Tires available in the United States.  Two of the Models are: Ditch Digger, and Farm Hand A/P Tractor (R-1).  The Ditch Digger features a wide Casing for durability, and a Beveled Deck Area between the bar lugs to ensure exceptional tread cleaning abilities.  The Farm Hand A/P Tractor (R-1) Series is used primarily for small small Front Wheel Drive Assist Tractors.