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Commercial Tires

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For the Commercial AutoTrucks in Saint George UTmobile Industry, Direct Tire carries a variety of Commercial Tire Brands.  We are familiar with every brand of tires, and would like nothing more then to help guide the Commercial Tire Buying process.  The Brands that Direct Tire has in stock are: Cooper, Hankook, Hercules, and Triangle.

Cooper Tire has a signature Commercial Tire, the ROADMASTER Series.  The ROADMASTER features Regional Steer, and engineering for retreadability.  This tire is recommended as an all position, Commercial Tire.

Hankook has a large selection of Commercial Truck and Bus Tires available for purchase at Direct Tire.  One of the signature Commercial Tires is the DL07.  The DL07 is manufactured to have superior traction for long-haul use.  An advanced Tread Design gives the tire better wear, less heat buildup, and increased fuel efficiency.

The Hercules Tire Brand has created the H-series tires, with eight different models in the series.  The H-402 is a wide base rim tire, with wide base grooves that reduce stone trapping, ideal for highway and mixed road surface driving.

Triangle Tire has been around since 1976, selling exceptional tires worldwide for over 33 years.  The TR-Series is used for a variety of Automobiles, from Commercial and Light Trucks, to Radial Trucks and Buses.  The TR602 is a featured Commercial Tire, with high load abilities, and long lasting tread.  This Tire is ideal for the client that wants an exceptional value without giving up quality.