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ATV Tires are very popular in Utah, but are hard to find.  Direct Tire is proud to say that we have the ATV Tires you are looking for.  Our experienced team of professionals can help find the perfect Tire to maximize performance and ride comfort for your ATV.  Direct Tire carries ATV Tire brands including: Greenball, BKT, and Triangle.

Greenball has a variety of ATV Tires including: Mud Terrain, Sand, Knobbies, "Front" Tires, and All Terrain.  The Spartacus is a new performance ATV tire which specializes in maximum performance in the Mud and tough gripping terrains.  The Knobbies tire from Greenball is the X-REX, a new sport ATV tire that features an X-knob tread pattern.  AFTER BURN is a high performance radial ATV, which can be used on all-terrain surfaces.  For an exceptional Sand ATV TIre, look no further then the Dune Tracker.  This tire features a straight line rib, which provides fantastic steering control.   For Dirt Bikes, the Dirt Shark offers a great value tire, with all types of terrain capabilitiesATV Tires Saint George UT.

BKT has two Series of Tires for ATV's.  The AT 111 Front and AT 111 Rear are created for the use on sport and utility model ATV's, for use on loose and hard surfaces.  The ATV 111 HD Front and Rear are ideal for hard surfaces.  This ATV Tire is built with thick sidewalls for improved grip, and toughness against punctures and damage.

Triangle Tire Brand carries the P606 as an ATV Tire that can be used on all terrains.  The P606 is a TL Type Tire, and has many sizes for installation capabilities on most ATVs.