Direct Tire - 60 Years in Saint George Utah

Commercial Services


Commercial Tires

For the Commercial Automobile Industry, Direct Tire carries a variety of Commercial Tire Brands.  We are familiar with every brand of tires, and would like nothing more then to help guide the Commercial Tire Buying process.  The St George UT tires that Direct Tire has in stock are: Cooper, Hankook, Hercules, and Triangle.  We also serve the areas of Cedar City UT and Mesquite NV.

ATV Tires

ATV Tires are very popular in Utah, but are hard to find.  Direct Tire is proud to say that we have the ATV Tires you are looking for.  Our experienced team of professionals can help find the perfect Tire to maximize performance and ride comfort for your ATV.  Direct Tire carries ATV Tire brands including: Greenball, BKT, and Triangle.

Trailer Tires

Trailer Tires at Direct Tires are second to none.  Choosing the right Trailer Tire is extremely important, because it is imperative not to damage the cargo on the trailer.  Direct Tire understands the importance and carries the best Trailer Tire brands, including: Greenball, Triangle, Radar, Denman, and Hercules.

OTR Tires

OTR stands for "Off The Road", and Off The Road Tires are extremely popular in Utah.  The right OTR Tire can change the way any Off Road Vehicle handles.  With our advice and brands at Direct Tire, we promise to create the ultimate Off The Road Machine.  The OTR Tire Brands that Direct Tire carries include: Greenball, BKT, Triangle, and Hercules.

Farm Tires

Farm Tires need to be dependable and very durable.  Direct Tire carries Farm Tires that will last the ages, and keep the customer satisfied.  The staff at Direct Tire can help select the best Farm Tire for the customers specific needs.  The Farm Tire brands are: BKT, Greenball, Triangle, and Denman.